Where Avenues Meet At Night 

στοιχεία κυκλοφορίας

ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας : 28 Οκτωβρίου, 2009
εταιρεία : Ripples Recordings (
αριθμός καταλόγου : RPL002
φορμά : CDR


Where Avenues Meet At Night  [20:39]

συνολική διάρκεια



Απρίλιος - Ιούλιος 2006, Αύγουστος 2009


Αύγουστος 2009


Ennio Mazzon, Σεπτέμβριος 2009


σε ψηφιακή μορφή μέσω της Ripples Recordings (


The Wind Scrolls (
    The cd comes in a soft plastic case with a beautiful thick paper cover and inlay designed by Ennio Mazzon. It gives you a bleach autumn/winter feel and maybe that is why it has been released only now instead of earlier, as the piece has been composed during spring time. This is a 20 minute soundscape by Nokalypse, a moniker of Themistoklis Pantelopoulos from Greece. It is a cold and somewhat haunting piece. It takes me to places long forgotten by humans, where trees grow on roofs of buildings and almost died out lifeforms start to live again, only... there are also darker forces present now. The piece starts with some obscure silent sounds that grow more violent and present in combination with bell sounds. The red line through out this piece is a heavy, haunting, buzzing and ringing drone which leads you through the darkness. There are interesting clappering sounds and around 5 minutes it becomes very heavy for a short time. Then the distortions and clappering take it over again. After some moments of peace it evolves slowly in a darker sound again, with in the end a very loud drone with lots of obscure inverted sounds. This is an interesting autumn/winter piece and should be definitely given a listen.

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly (
    Themistoklis Pantelopoulos is the man behind Nokalypse and his Triple Bath label. He has released one LP and four CDRs and various works with others, and now branches out to Italy's Ripples label. The cover says 'several layers of sound were recorded in real time', but it doesn't specify which kind of sounds. I assume they are all from an electronic origin. Like the title implies, you could see this as roads meeting up. Imagine you are in a helicopter and you see all these roads - at the same time, with headlights from the cars at night, driving in various directions, opposite directions, same directions but on different roads and you may have an idea what this music sounds like. Various events in sound, going in various directions, alongside each other, some shorter, some longer. But it's dark. It's dark outside where those cars are, but also dark inside, where Nokalypse plays his music. An excellent soundtrack, a homage to driving at night. I almost wished I had a driver's license.