Wired & Mirrored 

"Wired & Mirrored" is the fourth solo album by Nokalypse and his second on Echomusic ( It is comprised by four tracks, of two styles: "Wired Performances" 1 and 2 are drones, performed in real time on AudioMulch while "Mirrored Montages" 1 and 2 are collages of field recordings, drones, noises and hideous harmonies, arranged and mixed in WaveLab. The entire result has industrial aesthetics, always falling between the academic and the non-academic.

release information

release date : June 2, 2009
label : Echomusic (
catalog number : EC15
format, quantity : CDR


Wired Performance 1  [19:30]
Mirrored Montage 1  [05:21]
Wired Performance 2  [10:20]
Mirrored Montage 2  [10:31]

total duration



July 2006 - November 2008


April 2009


Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, April 2009
based on a photo by Giorgis Sakellariou (December 2008, Tynisia)


5 EUR (including shipping costs)


Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly (
    Fellow (of Echomusic) label owner of Triple Bath is Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, who works under the guise of Nokalypse and has a previous release on Echomusic, "Axiac Infinity" (Vital Weekly 481). Here he has four pieces, two created using AudioMulch and two with software called WaveLab. Hard to tell the difference between these pieces of software, as they seem to do essentially the same thing, or rather, it seems Pantelopoulos is interested in one thing: to create drone music. And that's something he does actually good. These drones exist entirely, of course, in the digital domain, yet they never seem to sound cold and distant. The slowly enveloping sound, gradually going up and down the scale, the heavily processed field recordings (alright, I'm guessing here), the dynamic range - quiet to forcefully loud - make this into a very refined work. As such not much new drone wise, but this drone music with industrial undercurrents is quite alright.