Between Trouble and Desire 

"... his wickest material to date... this is a haunting, atmospheric, scary album..." (Panagiotis Spoulos, Phase! Records)

Perhaps the noisiest disc of Nokalypse contains ten tracks which were made in the Summer of 2004, the same period that the album "Axiac Infinity" was being cooked. It was that moment when noise music, as a means of expression, also served as a means to sonic transformation... Sound, as a blend of harmony and noise and of underlying rhythm and sonic atrocities, manifest the maximalistic and "megalithic" compositional obsessions of the period 2004 - 2006. According to Phase! Records, this music could be the "score for an imaginary Lynch/Polanski collaboration film".

release information

release date : October 31, 2005
label : Phase! Records (
catalog number : PHR-25
format, quantity : CDR, 70 copies


01  Extortional Catagoat  [08:32]
02  Continuity Lost  [04:02]
03  Mass Enforming  [05:28]
04  Particles Quanticles  [04:58]
05  Contrastimulous  [02:10]
06  Refined Hybris  [03:45]
07  The Deterior Meaning  [06:50]
08  Coloradial Drive  [00:55]
09  Convulasm  [03:27]
10  Not Ever Dreamt  [09:44]

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June - September 2004, October 2005


October 2005


Panagiotis Spoulos, October 2005


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