Axiac Infinity 

"... electroacoustic chaos where suffocatingly dark smog gets scanned by toxic iridescent clusters..." (Argyris Zilos, Athinorama)

"... atmospheres with devoutly touches and sound fragments of the industrial environment..." (Christos Tsanakas, Focus)

"... we could call the dark palette of Nokalypse "mutated musique concrète"..." (Fontas Troussas, Jazz & Tzaz)

Eleven short and long music pieces simulating the order and disorder of infinity. An electro-acoustic depiction of space-values and movements of the chaotic extent.

release information

release date : May 28, 2005
label : Echomusic (
catalog number : EC02
format, quantity : CDR, 99 copies


01  Al-Favita  [04:51]
02  Ingritory  [08:14]
03  Congra/Zzula  [00:36]
04  Verexpand  [01:56]
05  Cloudoor  [06:57]
06  Interrotation  [01:19]
07  Matterdome  [03:03]
08  Firehole  [06:25]
09  Congratsular  [00:43]
10  Neverrest  [03:05]
11  Massburn  [11:12]

total duration



June - August 2004


February 2005


Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, May 2005


in digital form, here


Nicolas Malevitsis / Absurdities (
    Themistoklis, the guy behind it, has done various projects in the past, such as Harmatron, Striketsi and so on. Some of these projects' soundscapes reminded me of more Tangerine Dream-esque realms or such ambient stuff. Others were more rhythmic -at times- for my taste and also at least the CDRs I had heard of, had the problem of time... as if they were running endlessly, capturing over 70/75-minute -at times- soundscapes that could have been said in almost half cut time... However, here we get a completely different result and obscure ambiances that Themistoklis creates, made this listening a fantastic one. For sure a CDR that I enjoyed a lot lately, at least speaking of the greek scene and if you are checking such sounds then you should give it a listen...

Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly (
    On Echomusic is also a release by Nokalypse, aka Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, of whom I never heard before. "Eleven short and long music pieces simulating the order and disorder of infinity" says on the note that goes with the release, and Nokalypse stays firmly inside the field of electroacoustic music: acoustic sounds being processed beyond belief inside the computer. He opts for a louder sound than many others in the field of this kind of lowercase and microsound. His processes of sound are loud and minimal, and the minimal thing is the weakness here. His pieces set out to do one or two courses and then the piece evolves around those one or two parameters, but nothing more seems to happen. Given the length of some of these pieces being a bit too long, this would have benefitted from some more editing. But the sounds and sources are in itself quite nice, so a promise for the future.